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How to reset NVRAM of MinnowBoard Turbot

This article expresses how to reset a NVRAM of a MinnowBoard Turbot. MinnowBoard Turbot is a x86_64 board for embedded use.

Why this article is useful

Enabling fast boot in BIOS setup utility will block you to enter to the utility again. You can re-enter to it by resetting NVRAM on the board.

How to reset NVRAM

0. Prerequisite

You'll need a jumper connector to short-circuit two pins.


1. Short-circuit two J7 pins

J7 (Jumper 7) pins are the upper right of the board.


Connect two pins using a jumper connector.


2. Boot up

Boot the board up and hit DELETE key repeatedly. Then your BIOS settings are reset and you should be able to get into BIOS setup utility.

3. Finish

Shut down the board and remove the jumper connector.